Monday Memoir Writers Group

Palmerston Library
560 Palmerston Avenue  Toronto, Ontario   416-393-7690
This library is open! Wear a mask and keep distancing please.
Meetings are not being held at this time. They were by phone from March 2020 to July 2021.  Meetings may resume again some day.
Meanwhile a group of Monday Memoir Writers is meeting in ZOOM - see Topics!

This memoir writers group met most Mondays that the library was open. We gathered in a meeting room from 1:45 pm - 3:45 pm. There were usually 6-10 of us attending and we welcomed new-comers. What did we do?  We had a canister full of topics - our donated ideas for topics to write about. The stories related to our lives as we are interested in writing memoirs.  At our meetings, a topic was taken from the collection and we all wrote for about 15 minutes. We then read what we'd written to the group.  Positive remarks and our shared ideas and experiences were interspersed with the readings.

At the library we did two topics - one for each hour - if the group was very small - we might do three topics. Depending on the size of the group, we had time to talk about whatever the group was interested in along with the readings.  We dated the topic cards used and archived them - see our Topic List below for that.  We also exchanged tips, ideas for resources and recommended reading material. (Resource List and Book Lists)

Monday Memoir Writers were at Lillian H. Smith then Palmerston branch since May 2019.  These Monday meetings were 1:45-3:45 pm at the Palmerston Branch. The meeting room is downstairs. An elevator operated by a librarian was for those with accessible needs. They arrived early for this accomodation.

For all who were planning to attend, it was necessary to be on time if possible as we needed to be out of this meeting room by 3:45 for the next group. This library is two blocks west of Bathurst for those using TTC. There is an elevator at Bathurst station. If you prefer stairs you might have enjoyed the Markham exit. This station is a little closer to Palmerston branch than the Christie station.

Topic List - what we've written about  since September, 2010.

Resource List - reading and web links related to writing memoirs.

Book Lists -  Memoirs - links about memoirs and memoirs recommended by members of our writers' group.

Please join us.... in between meetings, to suggest writing resources or memoirs to read please contact:
Dr. Selia Karsten

updated September 7, 2022