Memoir Writing Group - Lillian Smith Library 2010 - 2012
Meetings 2-4 pm Mondays

TOPICS (September 2010 - January 2012)

27/2/12    meeting a stranger; "I wasted my life doing ?"
13/2/12    the ocean; children
 6/2/12     treated unfairly; book read as a child
30/1/12    progress; good advice
23/1/12    dinnertime; different point of view
16/1/12    a day without writing; birds and bees
 9/1/12     starting life over age 21 years old;  excuses

19/12/11  toilet seat position; if born opposite sex; if born an animal
12/12/11  sleeping in; drivers' attitudes
5/12/11    police; favourite neighbourhood
28/11/11  use it or lose it; getting ripped off
21/11/11  soul food; parades
14/11/11  nasty pests; littering
7/11/11    artistic endeavors; he/she looks like my ex
31/10/11  home decoration; irony-surprise- incongruity
24/10/11  a favourite writer and why; if I could come back
17/10/11  a machine that interested you;  telephone calls
3/10/11    Thanksgiving Holiday - no meeting
26/9/11    going to the park; all about writing
19/9/11    time: (clocks, watches, calendars, alarm clocks, etc.); superstitions
12/9/11    a child dies; politics
29/8/11    cemeteries; assumptions
22/8/11    babies; someone who is really odd/different/eccentric
15/8/11    religion:  (worship, church, synagogue, etc., a religious experience; insects
8/8/11      a choice you made; meal preparation; cooking, baking; a recipe, etc.
25/7/11    greedy people; most embarassing moment(s)
18/7/11    thieves, stealing, something you had stolen from you;  water
11/7/11    sibling rivalry or not ; summer camp &/or camping; ADHD or bipolar disorder
4/7/11      fishing/hunting; tell a niece or nephew a memory of their parent
27/6/11    a lie you were told (or told);  biggest time or money wasters
20/6/11    a favorite book or film; dangerous games (child or adult); words that make me laugh
13/6/11    being disobedient to parents/teachers, the law; a mystery – something you are or were unable to explain; board games
6/6/11      being out of place or different from most of the people around you; a walk in the neighborhood
30/5/11    first day of school; fear – something you were/are afraid of; a childhood misadventure
16/5/11    the tenant or landlord from hell; if your life was a film, who would play you?
9/5/11      a place you visited; sun, moon, stars, stargazing; night sky; a sound
2/5/11      a thing you would like to be;  being in danger; music
18/4/11    meals (food, mealtime, a favorite meal); what you wish you could still do
4/4/11      describe an accident or event; saying goodbye; teachers
28/311      fire; feeling homesick
21/3/11    a music lesson you didn’t want; birds; dressed inappropriately for an occasion
14/3/11    comical family story; chocolate
7/3/11      why write? ; childhood prank
28/2/11    night noises; what you hate
14/2/11    illness or injury; grocery shopping
7/2/11       instructions to child you once were;  darkness/night
31/1/11     rude people; describe a sibling growing up
24/1/11     favorite shows; waiting room
17/1/11     books you read as a child; hair
10/1/11     why did you decide to/ what inspired you to write a memoir; manners
3/1/11        insects; pets
20/12/10    "I'm Thinking of...."; Holidays
22/11/10    flight or flying; twins;  feet
15/11/10     Seasons; pet peeves
8/11/10       goodbye/farewell;  menus (soul food, favourite foods)
1/11/10       tools; libraries
25/10/10     a parting of the ways;  weather experience
18/10/10     home;  a special trip
4/10/10     animals I have known;  many times...
27/9/10       Once upon a time.....; What can you give up knowing?
20/9/10       What did you know in your heart? ; Old lover you can't forget
13/9/10       Money;  watches
6/9/10       Mother's shoes;  something ordinary

Undated topics......
if from the future, I were to come back to advise me
marriage customs
[ not used ] - the 2 gryphons guarding the library