The Lillian H. Smith Monday Memoir Writers Group
239 College Street  416-393-7746

This group meets every Monday that the library is open. We are down in the smaller of the basement meeting rooms from 2pm - 4pm.
There are 6 - 10 of us and we welcome new-comers. What do we do?  We have a canister full of topics - our donated ideas.  At our meetings, a topic is taken from the collection and we all write for about 15 minutes. We then read what we've written to the group. Positive remarks and shared experiences are interspersed with the readings. We manage to do two topics - one for each hour. This gives us time to share new ideas and short stories along with the readings. We date the reading cards used and archive them. Here is a link to the list since I joined the group in September, 2010.   Topic List

We also exchange tips, ideas for resources and reading material. Here is a Resource List  that has books to read and web links. 

Please join us....and to suggest resources for our group, please contact me:  Dr. Selia Karsten