Shiatsu Workshops & Seminars

Experiencing a Shiatsu Therapy workshop may prove just as rewarding as receiving a Shiatsu Treatment itself.  The workshops are conducted by Tetsuro Saito who has been teaching and leading workshops for many years.  Anybody may learn this healing technique either to use as a home remedy or for intensive training purposes.

Post Graduate Advanced Shiatsu Workshop

This workshop is designed especially for Shiatsu practitioners and instructors.  In this workshop, Ted Saito will share the results of intensive research he has conducted during the past 20 years.  He has made many new and extraordinary discoveries in diagnostics, extra meridians and regular meridian theory.

One of the most exciting developments from this research is the meridian detection system. Meridian location has always been a challenge due to differences in individual anatomy, physiology and past  history, trauma and disease.  This system is precise and foolproof and anyone can learn to do it.  This is a totally new approach to the study of meridians.  Ted Saito will also discuss the the Masunaga meridian system and share the findings of all his research at this workshop.

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