LIFE GARDENS:  A Workshop with Dr. Selia Karsten

You’ve planted many seeds.  Create your own seasons to harvest and enjoy the fruits of your labours.  Get in touch with what means most to you and how to appreciate that bounty you can share with your family, friends, students and teachers.

Selia's Sites:
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Fountain Gallery – photos of fountains -
Notes and Sketches – an exploration of fountains and gardens -

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Garden Ideas:

Make a collection of Garden metaphors and images
Inventory garden-related experiences and ideas in poems and short stories
Translate metaphors into action plans for your dreams and goals
Map a future garden you fantacize

1. Fields of Dreams:  Travels in the Wildflower Meadows of America – Tim Fitzharris (1995)
2. The Cultivated Gardener:  Trees – ed. Kristin Joyce (1997)
3. Heligan Wild: A Year of Nature in the Lost Gardens – Colin Howlett (1999)
4. The New Illustrated Encyclopedia of Gardening Vol 17 – Pro to Reg  ed. T. H. Everett
5. A New Leaf – Merilyn Simonds (2011)
6. Inventing the Garden – Matteo Vercelloni (2010)

Last Update  May 1, 2022