Dr. Selia KarstenDr. Selia Karsten

2002-16  Teaching for CTL (Curriculum Teaching and Learning) Department  at OISE/UT

Summer term 2016 - CTL 1799 Special Topics in Curriculum: Holistic Approaches to Information Technology (online).
Summer term 2010 - CTL1110 The Holistic Curriculum
Fall term 2008 - CTL1000 Foundations of Curriculum  (online)

History of CTL1799
Dr. Rina Cohen and I created the classroom version of CTL 1799 and I participated as special guest lecturer in the winter of 1999. The online version of the course was developed by me and first delivered in spring 2002. The topic reflects my research at OISE/UT in the areas of Holistic and Aesthetic Studies and Computer Applications in the Department of Curriculum Teaching and Learning. If you are on the OISE/UT campus, you will find my doctoral thesis in the library under the title: WebStars: A Holistic and Arts-Based Approach to a Computer Applications Course.

Area of Research
I conducted my doctoral studies at OISE/UT from 1994-99. I delivered computer-related workshops in the Education Commons for a number of years. I belong to the Holistic Educator Group and serve as host for meetings. Since 1995 I have completed many independent and collaborative web projects. My teaching portfolio on the Web began to develop at Seneca College where I was fulltime faculty until 2007. My courses there included: Advanced Computer Applications, Graphic and Web Design, Career Launching and Portfolio Development, Effective Business Presentations, Essentials of eMarketing, Web-Based Learning and How to Be a Successful Student. I have served on college Learning Management Systems committees, the eLearning Advisory Board and on curriculum development teams for hybrid and online courses.  All but the success course were also designed and developed by me - for that course I developed online resources for McGraw Hill Ryerson. To become acquainted with my various outside projects as a web-based instructional designer and presentations at post-secondary conferences please visit my domain - astralsite.com where you can explore my various projects including the full time art program at Central Technical School.  I graduated June 2010 from the Art Centre: my art school blog.

Summer 2016 selia.karsten@utoronto.ca