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“Eureka! A Hybrid Course That’s Pure Gold”
Part 3 of a Trilogy of Presentations about the course:

THE COURSE: CAP506 Career Launching and Portfolio Development

School of Marketing and eBusiness
Seneca College - Toronto Ontario Canada
by Dr. Selia Karsten designer, developer and hybrid course facilitator

In the fall of 2004 the course was officially launched  with four sections of marketing students in 5th semester of a 6-semester Marketing Administration program. It took about a year of work with two graduates from the marketing program at Seneca to go from the concept to the completion of the course materials.

In the fall of 2005, the course was opened to 3rd semester students so that those in the two-year program would also have a career launching course before graduation. That term was especially challenging with 8 sections (207 students). I had to come up with strategies to enable me to mark 2 individual projects, 13 discussion board postings, and a team project for each student in a timely fashion.

In the winter of 2006 there were two sections (averaging 35 students per section) and in the fall of 2006 there were seven sections. In the winter of 2007 I've had only one section of 40 students (34 completed the course). I'll now be handing over the course after five thrilling semesters of panning for GOLD!

Why do I think the course is pure gold?
I believe that based on this same course concept, potential graduates from any program could benefit from a similar course where they:
1. construct portfolios and eportfolios,
2. investigate career resources and prepare job search tools (calling cards, resumes, cover letters, etc.)
3. and as a member of a team, profile a graduate from their program to learn what really happens after graduation.

Here is the course in concentrated form: Cap506 Made Easy

Here is the course home page with all of the resources used this past semester.  The course is delivered in a BlackBoard framework online with thirteen weeks of classes in a computer lab for 50 minutes each week.

Here is an example of a grad profile slide show: Marketing Graduate -  Christina Liang

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