beat the blahs
Winter can be so dreary so we need to cocoon a little on those frosty nights to make it through to spring...One option is to party hearty  - there are a few holidays to cheer things up. After Christmas or whatever happens best for you during December, comes Chinese New Year and Mardi Gras  then Valentine's Day.

So in addition to a lot of reading (see my authors site)  I watch TV.  This season for football and the NFL. My all time fave NYPD Blue is of course long gone. I am glad to read that there may be a reboot of this series.  I am now a fan of NCIS-LA (not NCIS) and the later spin-off - NCIS-New Orleans (CSI, CSI NY and CSI Miami - long gone) also Criminal Minds.   I also enjoy Hawaii 5.0 and Blue Bloods

HGTV and Gusto both have shows I like to watch - House Hunters International, Home Town, Escape to the Country among other shows depending on the season (in the past Fixer Upper and Masters of Flip). The show I miss the most was on CNN - Anthony Bourdain's Parts Unknown.

I love to watch figure skating in season - the Grand Prix Figure Skating circuit and the others leading up to Worlds and every four years, the Olympics

Don't forget reality - yes, I watch The Bachelor and Bachelorette For the past few seasons I've become addicted to Talent Shows - So You Think You Can Dance and Dancing with the Stars as well as America's Next Top Model The Voice, and Master Chef (also Master Chef Canada). 

Not least - there's the countdown to the many award shows including the Oscars

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updated 1-10-2019