Starshaker Special



I've been writing poetry for a long time and for a long time I haven't written any poetry. So I'm going to hold a poetry re-awakening party for the poet in me on this page. Now and then I will put in a poem from the past and see where it leads me. It's a form of creative therapy and I don't mind if you drop in to see how I'm doing.


I like to travel...islands, the desert, places where I can be at one with the landscape. I take pictures and do sketches when I travel. I visit friends. I go to galleries and look for voluptuous sunsets at the end of the day. I sip coffee at outdoor cafes, I climb hills to be closer to the crimson poppies and to watch the full moon rise. I enjoy speaking a few languages other than my first one and this can lead me to make contact beyond that of a mere tourist.


I want to see my sketches and photos in cyberspace perspective. It gives them a kind of recognition wherein I declare my appreciation for a moment captured. I know that I have more moments captured than server space, so I will have to find a way to be selective. It's an exercise in focus.

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