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The Clinic is located on the east side of Bathurst, a block and a half south of Bloor Street in the Annex area of Toronto.
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There is an increasing inclination today towards a lifestyle that encompasses Mother Nature as the main element to nurture a sound body, mind, and spirit in their entirety.

A diet that is essentially nutritious, a system-cleanser and disease preventative is the ideal medium through which the body absorbs it's life-preserving energy. Inner tranquility, adequate recreation and suitable exercises are also necessary requirements to achieve one's goals to total health and happiness. Stress accumulation, toxemia and their adverse effects are thus kept at bay. Living as harmoniously as possible with nature requires tremendous self-discipline, motivation and perseverance. Our conventional living standards today however, provide little encouragement towards maintaining this relationship.

Although we agree with the adage that Peace of Mind precedes bodily healing, many of us do not possess the technique to accomplish this. Even the ancient eastern modes of relaxation are not always fully realized without expert guidance, be it from intuition deep within, or outside guidance. Undue strain to achieve this very state may lead to tension and its resultant ill-effects. Outstanding amongst the strain, stress and tension-releasing techniques that have emerged from Japan is Shiatsu Therapy. Its spontaneous stimulation of the circulatory as well as the autonomic nervous systems sets the self-curative powers of the body to work. Energy blockages are eased away to allow the resumption of the harmonious flow of energy, free from obstacles.

Accumulation of stress and strain, whether mental or physical, usually manifests itself in the literal tightening of muscles This occurs particularly in the neck and upper back areas and along the spinal structure. This in turn may adversely affect the meridians or energy pathways associated with functioning of organs. Conventional medical devices may detect the ultimate result of organ disfunctioning but hardly the initial energy imbalance. Shiatsu diagnostic and treatment techniques seek to detect as well as correct this imbalance. With the help of nature, gradually but surely, this ancient healing technique coaxes the body into restoring its vibrant health which is its rightful possession. The system's innate intelligence created its very existence and health; hence in bodily illness, it is given the opportunity to re-establish and maintain optimal health.

Where acupuncture effects the same results as Shiatsu by inserting needles in specific pressure points mainly on the meridians, the Shiatsu Therapist exerts finger pressure on these very meridians. Whether the former or latter proves more effective usually depends a great deal on the nature and severity of the case being treated as well as on the individual patient.

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