Me & My Shadows Company Profile

A general partnership owned and operated by Susan Allen and Susiawan, Me and My Shadows works in the field of learning through the arts and movement and offers diverse performances and workshops in Javanese/Balinese shadow puppetry, mask-making, creative movement and yoga to engage all ages in creative, active, cultural expression and sharing.

Clients in Toronto, Canada include:
Harbourfront Centre, The Chinese Cultural Centre, The Italian Cultural Centre, The Royal Ontario Museum, The Toronto Public School Board, Sick Kids Hospital, Faculty of Environmental Studies, York University, Toronto Parks and Recreation, Children’s Garden, The Humber Arboretum, Artscape, The Spiral Garden, Hugh McMillan Rehabilitation Centre, The Institute of Child Study, OISE, University of Toronto, MySchool Cooperative Daycare, Joy of Yoga Studio, The Mabin School, Hilltop Community School, Garrison Creek Art School, The YWCA, The YMCA, The South Asian Women’s Centre, Honour Earth, The Indonesian Consolate, The Ontario Science Centre.

Client Abroad include:
Shinwa University, Kobe Japan, Riokin University, Kyoto Japan, Balinese Family Association, Bali, Indonesia, Cirebon Urban Development Project, Cirebon, Indonesia, Semak (Organization for Street Kids), Bandung, Indonesia.

Me & My Shadows Performance Selections

Performances are 20 – 40 minutes long with a cultural introduction to the art form and a question/answer demonstration period following the performance.  Performances can be modified to suit the needs of the organizations and/or participants.  Puppet-making workshops may follow any one of the following performances:

Clowns Love Peace
The traditional Javanese clowns travel to a new island to help princess Sri  Kandi only to find a problem bigger than they can solve themselves.

Themes: conflict resolution, cooperation, environmental awareness

Ages: 6 and up.

Mouse Deer: The Peacemaker
A traditional Indonesian folk tale about how Mouse Deer helps Elephant get out of a sticky situation.

Themes:  folk tales, peace, sharing, humility

Ages: 4 and up

Squirrel Searches for a Friend
As the season changes from winter to spring, Squirrel emerges from her nest in search of her other animal friends.

Themes: change of seasons, friendship

Ages: 3 to 5

An urban tale about how animals and plant cope with the change of season from Fall to Winter and how humans also move from place to place.

Themes: change of seasons, animal and human migration, hibernation

Ages: 4 and up

River Stewards:  A Beaver’s Tale
The tale of the role of beavers in the North American Waterways and what happened during the Fur Trade in the early 1900’s.

Themes:  sustainability, interconnectedness, ecosystems

Ages: 4 and up

The Legend of the Sea Goddess
Based on traditional beliefs on Java and Bali, this is a story of how the sea goddess gets angry when the offerings change from organic to inorganic materials like plastics and cans.

Themes:  environmental pollution, ritual, gratitude

Ages: 5 and up

The Princess in the Moon:  The Story of Chang-Er and Hou Yi
Based on a traditional Chinese tale about how Chang-Er ended up on the moon.

Themes:  Harvest Moon Festival, curiosity, bravery, folktale

Ages: 4 and up

The Origin of The Lion Dance
Based on a traditional Chinese tale about how and why the lion dances are performed.

Themes:  Lunar New Year, folktale, courage

Ages: 4 and up

The Monkey King
Based on the the first in a long line of folk tales about the Monkey King.  Birth of Monkey King and how he meets Master Tsang Tsang of Tong Dynasty.

Themes: discipline, humility

Ages:  5 and up

Last updated February 13, 2004