Holistic Learning: Breaking New Ground
International Conference
October 28-30th, 2005
Toronto, Canada

Conference At a Glance


Pre-conference Sessions

A.M. (9-12)

Marina Quattrocchi: Symbols in Dreams Yoga and Life
Larry Nusbaum: Remembering What You Love Can Guide Your Life
Sam Crowell  & Bob London: Principles of Holistic and Transformative Learning

P.M. (1-4)

Martin Bickman: Transcendentalism and Active Learning
David Forbes: Mindfulness Meditation with Teens in Urban Schools
Isabella Colalillo Kates: Creativity as Soul Work: Nurturing the Sacred through Personal Creativity

Evening Session

7:00 Intros
7:15 Keynote – Tobin Hart: Little Stories of Large Teachers
8:15 Break-out groups
8:45 – 10:00 – Wine & Cheese Reception


9-10:15 Concurrent Sessions (11  sessions)
Grace Feuerverger: Dreaming of Peace in a Jewish-Palestinian Village in Israel: A Spiritual Journey
Richard Brown: The Five Qualities of a Contemplative Education
Cynthia Argona & Gloria Rapport: A Holistic Approach To Leadership: Developing Life Skills That Change The Heart Of High School Students
Susan Allen: The Body, Renewal and Nature
Michael Dallaire: The Labyrinth as a Tool for Spiritual Education
Bonita Eloise Ford: Calling Upon the True Teacher Within: A Ritual for Our Deepest Truth and Love
Karen Horneffer: Contemplative Practices In The Classroom
Susan Schiller: Walking in the Spirit of the Medicine Wheel: Learning to See What We Normally do not See
Mary Beattie, Darrell Dobson, Laura Hegge, Gail Thornton: Constructing Professional Knowledge: Spiritual and Aesthetic Dimensions
Judith Gabor: Nurturing the Nurturer
Ed Sarath: Improvisation and Meditation: Vehicles for Creativity and Consciousness


10:45- 12:00 Concurrent Sessions (10  sessions)
Diana Denton, Bob Forman, Peter Laurence: Spiritual Development in a Diverse Society: Communicating Across Differences
Gary Babiuk: Slow Classrooms in Slow Schools: Nurturing And Enriching The Intellect, Soul, And Spirit
Karen Bishop: Working through Divine Forms
Jan MacKie & Micah Donovan: The Spirit of the Journey
Rina Cohen: Mathematical, Emotional and Spiritual Empowerment of Math-Anxious Elementary Teachers: Teachers’ Experiences in a Graduate Course
Martha Viveros Viramontes: Visual Art as a Spiritual Practice: Expanding Consciousness Through Color and Form
Isabella Colalillo Kates: Creativity as Soul Work: Engaging the Innate Creator Through Wtiting and Spontaneous Art
Kate Eccles & Cathy Miyata: Integrative Education: Engaging the Imagination in Learning Core Curriculum
Anne Dhir: Demystifying Mindfulness Meditation And Its Various Forms: An Experiential Approach

12:00 – 1:00 LUNCH

1:00 – 2:00 Keynote – Jane Tompkins: Energy Medicine


2:15-3:30 Concurrent Sessions (10  sessions)
Elizabeth Morley, Richard Messina,  Carol Stephenson: ‘The Child and the Schoolhouse: Lessons in Learning’
Tom Peterson: The Living Classroom
Barbara Herring & Mark Bell: Sacred Circle Dance- Moving Together to Connect Body, Mind, Spirit and Community
Jean Mason & Meredith Lordan: Educating the Patient to Educate the Caregiver: A Holistic Model of Dialogic Medicine
Cate McEwen: Connecting with the Life Community -  Within a Cosmological Context
Charles P. Mitchel & Lourdes Zaragoza Mitchel: The Spirituality of Leadership: The Missing Ingredient for Creating and Maintaining Effective Schools
Marilyn Laiken & Ingrid Richter: Holistic Learning Through Dialogue: Individual Commitments Towards Global Change
Tobin Hart: Opening Presence
Bob London: Nourishing Student’s Relationship With Nature: A Spiritual Perspective
Selia Karsten: Self-Actualizing Stories: The Goldilocks Solution


3:45 – 5:00  Concurrent Sessions (11 sessions)
Marni Binder: A Collage of Meaning: Child Art and Imagination in the Classroom
Litany Burns: “The Sixth Sense of Children”: Documentary Film With Audience Discussion
Diana Denton: Performing Spirit: Metaphors of the Sacred
Ed Dunkelblau: Humour and Health: It’s The Laughter You’re After
Ann M. Trousdale & Emily A. DeMoor: Reconnecting with Earth: Nourishing the Spirit of the Child through Literature (canceled)
Peta Heywood: Manipulation or Emancipation
Anne Mulvaney: Companions on the Journey
Rupert Collister: A Spiritual Journey, In Search Of Balance, Through A ‘Snakes And Ladders’ Existence Of The Modern World
Sherri Bergman:  Tai Chi/Chi Kung – A Practice for Health and Wisdom
Deborah Orr: Mindful Pedagogy
Yoshi Nakagawa: The Art of Awareness in Holistic Education

7:30 – 10:30 Arts Celebration


8:30-9:45 Concurrent Sessions (10  sessions)
Darrell Dobson: Aesthetic Experience and the Transformation of Self in Teacher Education
Jack Miller: Educating for Wisdom, Compassion, and Joy: Creating Conditions for Timeless Learning
Heather Morton: Reflections of India:  Why Students Learn About Yoga in School
Jasjit Sangha: The Wonder of Sound: Singing, Meditation and Learning
Geoffrey Soloway: The Wellness Bus:  Nurturing a Literacy of Wellness for Teachers, Students and Parents
Katharine Smithrim: Rhythm In The Turning: The Power Of Rhythm In Teaching And Learning
Christopher Reynolds & Michael Olin-Hitt: The Name of the Soul’s Purpose in Creativity and with the Holy Spirit
Maggie Dent: Teaching Children the Magic of Silence and Stillness
Morgan Gardner and Ann McCann: Narrating the Journey Towards Becoming Holistic Educators


10:00 – 11:15 Concurrent Sessions (10 sessions)
Kim Kies, Helaine Sheias, Phyllis L. Clay: Ethno-Autobiography: A Sacred Journey to One’s Authentic Self
Sam Crowell & David Reid-Marr: Teaching from the Center: Lessons of Heart and Spirit
Fran Dobbie: ‘What Lies Within Us’ (canceled)
Terri Glass: Awakening a Language Filled with Heart
Helene Dunkelblau: From Comprehension to Introspection: The Alchemy of Reading Response for College ESL Students
David Booth: The Spiritual Lives of Fictional Young People
Dorothy Lichtblau: Reflexivity As a Spiritual Practice: Rescripting Professional Practice as a Means of Creating Holistic School Cultures
David Marshak: Voices of Holistic Nurture and Learning
Eimear O’Neill, Ed O’Sullivan, Renee Shilling: Explorations into the Integral Nature of Holistic Transformative Learning & Indigenous Knowledge
Anne Adams: The Spirit: Multiple Pathways To Explore Its Essence – Through The Physical, Emotional, Mental And Spiritual Domains


11:30 – 12:30   Keynote – Chet Sisk: Rethinking Everything: What People In Extreme Situations Can Teach Us

12:30 – 1:00 Closing

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