Holistic Educator Workshops - 2015 - 2016
(September 12 - Room 5-280)
Marni Binder - Mapping the Creative Heart of Personal and Professional Identity
This presentation is about risk-taking and exploring the complexities of what is artistic and aesthetic experience at a deeply personal level. It is about growth and potential paradigm shifts that can be brought to teaching and learning. Through the image and metaphor of the labyrinth, the process of reflection, representation and transformation in relation to personal and professional identity and artistic practice is explored. The labyrinth offers short and long paths that lead to and away from the center: the heart of our being and the opportunity to examine deeply the landscapes of meaningful experiences that influence our lives. I will share my own journey though sabbatical travels and engage participants in an activity to consider their own creative identity texts through words and images and walking their own personal labyrinth of meaning-making. This first part will segue into a facilitated discussion of how we can explore and recreate our identity in holistic education and bring this to a new fall term of teaching, academic studies and personal lived experience.

Marni Binder is an Associate Professor in The School of Early Childhood Studies at Ryerson University. Prior to Ryerson, she worked in the pre-service and graduate programs at The Faculty of Education, York University. Marni also worked extensively with primary-aged children, as well as with junior-aged children as an educator in the inner city schools of Toronto for 23 years.  Research interests include arts-based education research, creativity, multimodal literacies, visual narratives, spirituality and the arts, mindfulness through holistic education.

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(November 7 - Room 4-410)
Anne Mulvaney - Meditation, Evolution and You!
A look at your life through the lens of Integral Enlightenment.  Anne Mulvaney has been studying and practicing meditation with this international community on line, in person and through telephone Maestro Conferencing for over two years.  The main purpose here is to “evolve oneself and others through the daily power of meditation and to foster awareness of the global responsibility to evolve humanity beyond ego or to face extinction.  It’s not personal.”   She would like to share an “evolutionary” experience with holistic educators in the form of a 2 hour workshop. Resource: Craig Hamilton  http://integralenlightenment.com/academy/

Anne Mulvaney Ed.D.(O.I.S.E. 1994)
A retired school teacher, Anne has been a spiritual director and a presenter at Psychosynthesis Conferences for years (August 2015, Montreal). For the past three years she has been studying with Craig Hamilton, a teacher of meditation for the sake of human evolution for the good of all of us on Mother Earth.  She is a member of an on-line community called “Living Evolution” and is on staff of their newsletter – “Evolving Voice”. Members are graduates of Hamilton’s course entitled “Evolutionary Life Transformation Program”.  The essential component here is daily meditation (solitary and group through Maestro conferencing). Craig’s work is based on the writings of Teilhard de Chardin (The Phenomen of Man) among others.  Meditation and Teilhard drew Anne into this evolving way of daily living with “the wholehearted intention to transform” (Principle #1 of Evolutionary Culture)

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(January 16 - Room 5-280)
Wendy Agnew “Trance-Forms”

“When I am with children, I am a nobody, and the greatest privilege I have when I approach them is to forget that I even exist, for this has enabled me to see things that one would miss if one were a somebody – little things, simple but very precious truths.” – Maria Montessori (Education and Peace, Clio, 2002, 85)
How to be ‘nobody’ – for in that act are the seeds of transformation … This workshop explores portals to ‘the other’ in an eclectic blend of tai chi, story-telling, game, and nature-immersion techniques that are the result of over thirty years working and playing with adults, children, and other-than-human animals.  Supported by insights from some great minds, including Thomas Berry, Jane Goodall, Rupert Sheldrake, David Abram, and George Monbiot, we will experience creativity as a nomadic phenomenon and ‘rewilding’ as a physical, conceptual, and ecological necessity that can infuse the future with radical transformations of hope. (Please bring a reflective journal for your a-muse-ment).

Wendy Agnew (Ph.D. Holistic Education)
Wendy has conducted ecological workshops and long-term educational initiatives in Africa, Asia, and North America since 1979. Her focus is active engagement with environment as progenitor, mentor, and muse. She is a founding member of two nature-framed theatre companies, the internationally recognized Sustainability Frontiers, and a citizens group dedicated to environmental reform and her students’ vibrant eco-aware murals may be seen on three continents. Wendy’s publications form an eclectic blend of poetry, prose, and academic writings highlighting autopoietic and sustainable living. She believes the arts to be a vital link between nature, culture, and future.

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(February 13 - Room 5-280)
Seeta Nyary - Creativity
Creativity is a fluid and evolving process of engagement. Whether conscious or not about its nature, there lies an alchemy of mind, body and spirit. Assisted by mindfulness practice, conscious inquiry and discipline we can liberate the unique creative spark that lives within us. Although, aesthetic expression is an excellent avenue to cultivate our natural creative inclinations, creativity is not confined to the traditional arts. Indeed, the best way to evolve our creative nature is to be aware of what is truly calling us. It is through this calling that we can learn to innovate authentically; find meaning and purpose; manifest joy through difficulty; discover our ancient message; and ultimately offer our unique gift(s) to those around us – our close relationships, the community, the world. This workshop will engage you in a process and language of acknowledging your innate creative spirit. We will explore one toolkit that reveals its outer representation in your life.

Seeta Nyary, previously a teacher of visual and graphic arts including the design/display of information continues her work as a creator. Embracing inner wisdom, she continues to learn and research life experiences by becoming more mindful of her own holistic makeup as a consultant and coach. Currently at OISE, University of Toronto, she is a senior consultant for the integration of academic technology for teaching, learning and research initiatives.

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(April 2 - Room 5-280)

Sharon Dutton - “Education in rhythm and by rhythm:  Exploring the holistic aspects of Dalcroze Eurhythmics"
To open the session, Sharon will summarize her research project, explain Dalcroze pedagogy, and will share some of the stories that make up her dissertation. She will then invite the workshop attendees to engage in some easy Dalcroze activities, (involving movement). The session will close with a ‘round-table’ discussion, linking experience to holistic education.

Sharon E Dutton B. Mus, B. Ed, M. Mus Ed
Sharonhas extensive experience as a music educator, having taught music for the Halton Board of Education for 20 years. She is currently a part time graduate student at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education in Toronto; her doctoral dissertation uses narrative inquiry to explore the holistic aspects of Dalcroze Eurhythmics, a method of teaching music through movement. She is a certified Dalcroze instructor, and has studied Dalcroze pedagogy at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, at the Juilliard School in Manhattan, and at the Institute for Jaques-Dalcroze Education in Maryland.

Merlin Charles and her son Jamaal- Holism in the Home

In this interactive workshop, Merlin and Jamaal (mother and son) will examine the notion of “Holism in the Home” within the framework of the three premises of holistic education: Connectedness, Inclusiveness and Balance. We have all heard the expression: “Charity begins at home”. Participants will explore various pertinent questions surrounding the notion of what it means to be "family" and how we can stay connected, create balance and foster a sense of belonging and inclusiveness in the home (as family). We will also share stories and explore the joys as well as the hits-and-misses of building and maintaining positive relationships in the family; what does it really mean to be “connected” especially in the digital age that we live in. In particular, we will share and explore together what can be referred to as the three F’s – Fellowship, Food and Fun – the importance of Fellowship, the role that Food plays in helping to foster holistic practices in the home in Fun and stress-free ways.

Merlin Charles teaches in the Initial Teacher Education Program at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE) at the University of Toronto. Based on her research, and on-going studies in holistic education, Merlin is particularly interested in the mindful application of holistic teaching and learning in a variety of contexts – and the home is no exception. Her commitment to holistic teaching and learning has been instrumental in inspiring her son Jamaal to embrace the premises of holistic education in everyday life.

Jamaal André
A certified personal trainer, Jamaal has been pursuing studies in Physiology and Nutrition. He is very interested in holistic education, and how it can be practiced in all contexts - in the classroom, in the gym, in the home – in other words, in everyday life and contexts. While being mindful of the notion that “charity begins at home” Jamaal’s goal is to help others embrace life and to feel good about themselves both mentally and physically.

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