Holistic Educator Workshops  2012-2013

Dates for 2012-2013 Workshops:  September 15, November 10, January 12, February 16, March 23

September 15, 2012 - The holistic art of role play - David Booth  Room 5-210/220
The theme of this workshop is the holistic art of role play: how exploring “other” inside a role can increase and expand our understanding of “self”.  Using video clips from classroom role playing events over the years, David Booth will discuss and demonstrate the powerful changes in self-understanding that can occur when  students and teachers are working collaboratively in role.

David Booth is Professor Emeritus at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at the University of Toronto. For more than 25 years he has worked with teachers in creating, applying, and evaluating approaches to how children learn to read and write. As a classroom teacher, consultant, speaker, and writer he has delighted thousands with his energy, enthusiasm, and commitment. He has given hundreds of speeches and workshops throughout North America, Australia, and England and has appeared on dozens of television and radio programs.

November 10 - Cultivating Inner Well Being - Catherine Miller: Room 5-230
The intention of this experiential and interactive session is to invite our right brain creative faculties out for some fresh air and exercise.  Drawing on the coaching principle of perceiving, affirming and expanding our potential, this fun and effective learning session brings forth pleasant insights and the energy of inspiration from realizing possibility.  This is an effective exercise for both personal and professional use. Please bring a small drinking glass/cup, paper and pen/pencil.

Catherine Miller is a Master Certified Coach with the International Association of Coaching and has been a more conscious practitioner of well being since 1994.  She enjoys and appreciates the insights and new learning she takes away from the Holistic Educators’ Saturday sessions she has attended and the sessions she attended at the Holistic Educators Conference in 2009.  She presented Insights from Outdoors at that conference.
Her Master’s degree thesis on Cultivating Leisure: Moving from arrest in habitual patterns to participating in conscious choice, was a profound, transformative experience from which she has gratefully continued to learn about ‘Being Human’, develop her self-awareness and change unhelpful habitual ways of perceiving, reacting and interacting into healthier and happier ones.  She coaches, writes, guides workshops and co-creates customized teaching with clients individually and in groups, as they learn more about themselves, being human and develop their own abilities to cultivate their inner well being.

January 12 - Drawing on Your Own Strength - Dr. Larry Nusbaum    Room 5-280
In this workshop you will experience a powerful and fun technique designed to help you access your deep intuition for healing, problem solving, self-care, or for whatever you most need. This learnable tool blends: drawing, emotional awareness, and playful inner dialogue in ways that release the natural powers of imagination. You will leave with a take home guide that you can use on your own and share with others. No artistic skill required. Music will be part of our time together.

Larry Nusbaum is a physician, psychotherapist, storyteller, and musician who lives in Toronto. He designs inner guidance tools that help people heal their lives and live well, and has been teaching these methods internationally for 23 years. Larry loves to share what brings balance, joy, and hope into his life and into the lives of others.

February 16 - Katie Doering  & Mark Bell   Room 5-280

Katie Doering:  Exploring Difficult Topics – Talking to Children about Death
Through a variety of different mediums, participants in this workshop will explore their own understanding of death, the anxieties they have about talking to children about death, and various death resources.  Katie Doering will guide this exploration by discussing experiences working in her own classroom with children facing death themselves or dealing with the death of a sibling.

Katie Doering (B.Ed., MA) runs RMH Toronto School, a private school located within Ronald McDonald House Toronto, dedicated to addressing the social, emotional and academic needs of seriously ill children and their siblings. She is also an instructor at Ryerson University in the Early Childhood Studies department. In 2011, Katie began pursuing a flex-time PhD at OISE/UT to further explore her research interests in special, holistic and teacher education.

Mark Bell:  Starting a brand new school based in Holistic Education Principles – The TDSB Vocal Music Academy at Ryerson Community School

The Vocal Music Academy at Ryerson Community School opened its doors to grades 4, 5 and 6 students in September, 2012.  Prior to this, much discussion and visioning went on to decide the foundational principles and the focus for this new school.  Holistic Principles helped guide the process and are integral to the vision for this new school.  Vocal Music Academy staff will discuss the journey so far through mixed media and student work – we’re likely to sing together too!  A time for open discussion and “visioning” for the next stages of the journey for this new school will be facilitated.  The school will open to Grade 7 students in September of 2013.  The future is indeed bright for this new school.
Mark Bell (B.A., B.Ed., S.T.B., M.Div., M.Ed.) is the Vice-Principal of the Vocal Music Academy at Ryerson Community School .  Mark has held positions as Music Consultant and Coordinator of Music with the Toronto District School Board (TDSB).  He was the founding conductor of the Riverdale Youth Singers and has conducted many choirs and singing groups.  Presently Mark is also the national songleader of Canada Sings!/Chantons Canada !

March 23 - Jennifer Motha  Room & Anbananthan Rathnam   Room 5-280

Jennifer Motha: Your Presence is the Present
Through various contemplative and mindful exercises we well attempt to explore what it means to be present, aware and mindful. Activities will include some gentle physical movement, breath watching as well as some visual and writing exercises. The session will conclude with a group reflection.

Jennifer Motha is an elementary school teacher in the the inner city of Toronto as well as a pilates and yoga instructor. She is a doctoral candidate under the supervision of Jack Miller. Her academic interest is in the area of meditation, contemplation and teacher reflection as it informs the teachers's intuitive knowledge and personal teaching practices. Jennifer is also TA for the Introduction to Buddhist Psychology Theories and Applications course as well as Socially Engaged Buddhism at New College.  During the course of the her doctoral studies has studied and practiced meditation and contemplation under the supervision of John Welwood, Gregory Kramer, Stephen and Martine Batchelor. She also served as a GA under the supervision of Jack Miller for the former Whole Child School now known as the Equinox School and a TEPA for the Eric Jackman Institute of Child Study. She has a long time interest in issues involving inclusion, equity and social justice in public education and continues to advocate for quality holistic public education to serve its diverse student population.

Anbananthan Rathnam:  Developing Awareness through Krishnamurti’s Three Stages of Awareness
This workshop intends to raise awareness among the participants the importance of meditation. A meditative mind refers to a state of being calm and feeling whole. Wholeness refers to our core characteristic that is whole and non-fragmented. It is from this wholeness that we are able to approach life in a holistic manner. Participants will experience the three stages of awareness that is capable of addressing their psychological conditioning. Krishnamurti’s three stages of awareness were modeled using an experiential metaphor called The Flower Model.

Anbananthan Rathnam : Anba’s thesis is titled Whole Teachers: A Holistic Education Perspective on Krishnamurti’s Educational Philosophy. His deep interest in the works of Jiddu Krishnamurti brought him to the doctoral work at OISE. Anba intends to develop a one year teacher education/development program that will focus on assisting teachers to observe their own psychological conditioning and possibly experience the flow state as mentioned by Csikszentmihalyi in his book, Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience.

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