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I am an "astralsite artist and architect", eager to work with you as I design and develop a web portfolio or storefront to display your personal visions, to showcase you on astralsite as you become a "webstar".  What do I mean by "webstar"? I think that everyone is a "star" in their own right and the variety of expression possible in a website gives you an arena in which to radiate your special light. Here on astralsite you are invited to shine your light for all to see.

I have been involved in theatre since the young age of 13 when I played a countess whose pearls had gone missing. Since then, I have explored all aspects of theatre as an actor, designer (of sets and costumes), as a playwright, and as a director and producer. In 1995, the World Wide Web became a graphical environment - and for me, it is a theatre (in cyberspace) where it is possible to showcase illustrated stories of our lives. The Web gives an opportunity to transform imagery from more traditional presentations into a vibrant tableau we can invite others to explore.

Let me create a special website for you, illustrating your creativity in ways that reflect your uniqueness. Once you are a "webstar" on astralsite, I'll be glad to teach you how to maintain the site yourself if you so desire. I am a life long learner and a professor who teaches web-based skills in a holistic and imaginative way aimed at self-discovery. Contact me today and let's get started on your voyage of discovery on the Web.

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