Holistic Approaches to Information Technology (CTL5011) Class Chart - Summer 2022 - often updated

The following Class Chart is updated as additional information is acquired. Any corrections to information found here are welcome - please email selia.karsten@utoronto.ca

Mentors (Advanced and super users) are decided by your survey information.  All are welcome to help with technical questions. Teams and Partners will be assigned.  Teams are given a week to moderate and summarize discussion highlights including a list of resources mentioned in postings.

Note: Documents uploaded are to be saved in WORD .rtf or .doc file format. Use "save as" WORD 1997- 2003. Not everyone has the latest version. PLEASE No .docx files. You may also use .pdf files if you have Open Office and have problems with formatting.  Pdf files require that you download and install an Adobe Reader in order to read them http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep2.html

You of course need a utor account for email and to access Quercus for a link to Pepper and Announcements - see  Accessing the Course on how to set up an account.  Please use your utoronto email account for correspondence.  A good alternate e-mail is gmail.

Name Tech Level
PC or Mac 
Location during course
Dept/Degree  Focus/Specialization Learning Partnerships Team/ Discussion Week Dates to Moderate
1. Iran Ali x CTP  MEd x x x
2. Akil Bullin x x x x x
3.  Lulu Chen x CTP  MEd x x x
4. Chang Cul Intermediate    PC
Zhengzou, China
CTL  MEd Chinese history and ESL x x
5. Shireen Daureeawoo Intermediate    PC
Mauritius (EST+8)
CTL  MEd FSL x x
6. Dayna Goren Advanced     MAC
CSE   MA Primary, Junior x x
7. Xiao He x CTL  MEd x x x
8. Hao Huang  Intermediate    PC
Fuzhou, China
CTL   MEd ESL x x
9. Nitasha Iftikhar x x x x x
10. Jeewan Jyoti Intermediate    MAC
CTL   MEd Social Media also
math and science
x x
11. Monica Khoshaien  Advanced         MAC
SJE  MEd Art Education - digital art forms x x
12. Yejin Lee Intermediate    MAC
CTL  MEd Digital technologies x x
13. Chang Liu Intermediate    PC
Zhengzou, China
CTL   MEd Social Media Technology/Education x x
14. Changyi Mu  Advanced       MAC
CTL  MEd Visual Art - educational technology x x
15. Geovanni Rini Intermediate    PC
CTL  MEd Online Teaching and Learning x x
16. Hong Shu Intermediate   MAC
CTP  MEd Digital technologies in
x x
17. Boya Sun Intermediate    MAC
CTP   MEd math x x
18. Xman Tang Intermediate    PC
CTL  MEd math x x
19. Yanxing Tang x CTL   MEd x x x
20. Wakana Tsuji Advanced         PC
Willowdale, ON
CTL   PHD x x x
19. Yixuan Wang x CTP   MEd x x x
20. Shu-Jin Wu Intermediate    PC
CTL   MEd foreign language teaching x x
21. Youwen Wu Intermediate    MAC
Mississauga, ON
CTL   MEd math x x
22. Lynda Yearwood Super User  PC/MAC
CTL   MA Integrate tech for humanities course x x
23. Jingjing Yi Intermediate     MAC
CTL   MEd math x x
24. Angela Zamanis Intermediate    PC
Athens, Greece
CTL   MEd online teaching also ESL/EFL x x
25. Haonan Zhang x CTP  MEd x x x
26. Klara Zoldos Intermediate    PC
CTP  MEd Elementary  FSL/ESL x x

Moderate and Summarize Weekly Discussion by team

1. Wood: Information Management and Curriculum Design Week
2. Fire:  Communities and Collaboration Week
3. Earth: Reflection and Evaluation Week
4. Metal Courseware and Learning Management Systems Week
5. Water: Guest Speakers Week

Professor: Dr. Selia Karsten selia.karsten@utoronto.ca
Updated  July 1, 2022

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