Hi, my name is Danny Cavanagh and Iíve been working in CTL as a program assistant for the Curriculum Studies and Teacher Development Program for eight years. OISE is an exciting place in which to work as it attracts great minds (like the students in this class)! I have always enjoyed promoting the work of my friends and family, particularly those in the art world. To further my skills in the PR arena, I enrolled in the Strategic Public Relations program at the University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies in January 2015.

With the knowledge gained from the SRP program, I created two Twitter campaigns using the hashtags #makeOISEyourchoice and #OISEresearch. The aim of these campaigns is to provide an opportunity for both OISE students and faculty members to showcase their work and mobilize knowledge (KMb), particularly making connections between researchers and practitioners in our local community and internationally.

My active presence on Twitter has enabled me to learn how educators are currently using Twitter to further their professional development, disseminate ideas and engage with other teachers and researchers. I look forward to sharing this knowledge with all of you during our chat on August 2nd!