CTL 5011 Summer 2018 CLASS SCHEDULE
WEEK NUMBER Connect to Create (C2C) & BlackBoard Class activities &  Critical Dates
1. July 3-7 C2C Welcome: Introductions. Become familiar with course.
Post re: Articles 1, 2 OR 3: 1 brief review and/or 1 response to a review. Post a current article on a related topic with location & citation for this article.  Begin On-going posts to the following C2C Forums: 1. Individual Project Planning, and 2. Holistic Approaches, 3. Teaching and Learning withTechnology
Course Objectives: Orientation to Learning Partners, Teams.
Begin keeping a reflective journal or blog.  Review Reading assignments. Class Discussions. Team and Individual projects. Readings 1,2 & 3 (2 postings at least) Don't get carried away!  Read articles, post a new one as well as become familiar with C2C and BlackBoard sites.
2. July 8-14 BlackBoard - Tools: Create 1 page Blog topic of choice. 
Individuals Post to Readings Forum re: Article 4 
Teams brainstorm ideas for projects using a Chat programChat Log link is posted in Team's C2C Forum (logs saved as .doc and uploaded to C2C server)
Team members post one message on BB Main Discussion Board regarding strengths. (all other team postings on C2C)
Reading 4: post reading reviews in C2C Reading 4 Forum.

Teams: form to plan and educational resource web projects using C2C and a Chat program to meet and discuss the projects.

Post team chat logs. Create project criteria and/or rubrics.

3. July 15-21 Learning Partners assigned for Reading 5 (assigned) using chat and partner tools to discuss. Post assignment to Reading 5 Forum on C2C when complete - by end of Week 4.
All Class Discussions 1 and 2 in progress. Summaries posted.
Work on Team and Individual Projects (ongoing) 
All Class Discussion Topics for Week 3:
1-Information Management & Curriculum Design
2-Communities & Collaboration
4. July 22-28 Partners Reading 5 Assignment with completed assignment posted to C2C Reading 5 Forum. All Class Discussions 3 and 4 in progress. Summaries posted. Work on Team and Individual Projects (ongoing) 
All Class Discussion Topics for Week 4:
3-Reflection & Evaluation
4-Courseware: C2C, BlackBoard, Web 2.0 etc.
5. July 29-Aug 4 Team Presentations submitted in C2C Team Presentation Forum.  Chat for Guest Speaker. All Class Discussion 5 follows chat log postiing. Summary posted by end of week. Presentations of Team Projects. Creating Feedback re: 
Team Projects.  All Class Discussion Topic for Week 5
Guest Speaker in Chat - time and date TBA
6. Aug 5-11 C2C Final Projects Presentations and Feedback Team Evaluation & Feedback postings due. 
Independent Projects posted with description.
Please Note:  RE: There is a Chat tool in C2C. Any Chat program may be used as long as .doc chat logs can be copied, uploaded and posted to C2C. Individual and team projects may be created on free servers such as Webs, Googlepages, & Weebly. (WIX requires Flash) Chats may be conducted in CTC or an alternate program.
See 1799 Gallery for Team and Individual project examples.
August 19
Reflective Papers and Self Evaluation (absolute) deadline
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