CTL5011 (formerly CTL1799): Student Survey:  Summer 2018

Please fill in this Survey and send it to selia.karsten@utoronto.ca

Using WORD:
With your Web browser Go to Edit and Select All and Copy. You can then open your word processing program, open a new document and Paste. Then word process your answers to the survey. Save your file as .doc or .rtf and close the file. Go to your utoronto e-mail account and attach the word file (go to File, Attach file, browse to find the file where you saved it on your computer). E-mail this to me.

Please use "save as" and WORD 1997 - 2003 if you have a more recent version. -PLEASE no .docx

Log into your email account.
Create a message. In the Subject Line, put "your name" (last name is enough) and "5011-2018 Survey" and in the To line, put selia.karsten@utoronto.ca. Go to File (on the toolbar) and select Attach File. Browse to locate the file you have created. (example: your-name.doc) Click open. The file will be uploaded. You will be asked to close the upload window. Now go to Message and Send.

For this course, you must have a utor account.  Meanwhile, go ahead and send your survey as an attachment to whatever e-mail account you are currently using - please do a virus check on your message before sending it. Thanks, Selia

Please fill in every item - this will help you compose your introduction in C2C (in the Welcome Conference) when you check into the course on July 3.  It also helps me to fill in the Class Chart (found on the information site main page http://astralsite.com/1799).  Partnerships are determined from surveys and may suggest who might enjoy working together.  The groups are assigned considering  technical expertise so that each group has a mentor.  Partners and Teams will go in two columns on the Class Chart after the course starts. There may be changes in the class list if someone changes plans and a new member of the class comes from the wait list.  On the information site main page you'll find links to Connect to Create (C2C) and the portal to BlackBoard active as of July 3.


Home Telephone:

Email: (alternate e-mail to your utoronto email) This is very important - please create one if you don't have one now.

As a rule, course e-mail goes to your utor account - you may forward your email to another account.

Business Telephone (or an alternate phone number where you can get messages)

Your location during this course (example: Vancouver, B.C.)

Web page (if any):

Department of study at OISE/UT: (example: CTL)

Focus area/specialization: (example: English Second Language)

Degree pending: (example: MEd, MS or PhD)

Full time/part time?

Number of courses taken so far:

Number of courses taken online - is this your first online course?

Previous/concurrent courses that may be relevant to this course:
1. in Holistic and Arts-Based Education focus:

2. in Computer Applications focus:

3. other:

Present work if employed:

If teaching, (past, present or future) what subjects, age levels, etc.

Academic Background:

Professional background:

Please explain your reasons for taking this course:

At the end of this section, you will be asked to rate yourself as Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced or Super User regarding the use of computers. You may revise your status later in the course if necessary.

How long have you been using computers?

Please list typical ways in which you have used computers so far:

What computer will you use for this course?  PC       Mac      Other:  (mobile phones do not work with C2C and BlackBoard)

In the list below, please mark each item as to level:  Basic, Intermediate, Advance or Super User

Overall - how do you rate yourself? Advanced users will be asked to mentor beginners.  Please choose a level:

beginner:  (I have very little experience)
intermediate: (I use a computer regularly but only for limited uses)
advanced: ( I use the computer regularly and have experience with a variety of applications including web page making)
super: (I spend much of my time with computers and know a large variety of applications)

Additional information

Are there any other items related to your computing that I need to know, for example, you can only read WORD documents that are saved in .rtf format

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