To celebrate the last day of class and everyone’s hard work we will be having a potluck!

Cups/ Plates/ Cutlery/ Napkins
please bring your own
Bridget (juice boxes)
Susan (not sure yet)
Mike (jugs of water)
Elaine (drinks)
Savoury Goodies
Rachel (quiche)                            Nelly (chips & dip)
Tejal (mini-croissants)                  Andrea (chips)
Ange/Viv (pizza)                           Sarah (phyllo pastries)
Jackson (mini-sandwiches)
Sweet Goodies
Farhana (cookies or squares)       Cathy (cakes)
Bev (chocolate chip cookies)        Valerie (cookies)
Stephanie (chocolate cupcakes/lemon cookies)
Man (brownies) 
Joyce (cookies)
Healthy Goodies
Selia (vegetables and dip)
Jaime (fruit platter)
Elanna (salad)
Celine (pita & hummus)
Ada (veggies)