CTL1110  The Holistic Curriculum Summer 2010 CLASS SCHEDULE
 WEEK  Reading and Assigned Activities In Class
ONE July 5 and July 7
(due dates for required activities in red)
Journal Option: blogging
Purchase Text: The Holistic Curriculum by John P. MIller 
Overview: Course Objectives, Meditation Journals,  Course Readings. Toolkits 
Partners; Teams What is Holistic Curriculum? 
Contrasting the holistic position to others
About Projects: Assigning Learning
Partners for readings - Holistic Dialogues
and Images. Meditation Techniques
TWO  July 12 and July 14 Read Chapters 1 & 2  with Learning Partner 
Supplemental Readings and Articles
Metaphors for Holistic Education 
Creative Visualization Symbols and Sacred Places. Learning partners re: Journals and readings. Teams form and Meet for initial planning. Teams work on criteria for Presentations
THREE  July 19 and July 21 Chapters 3, 4, 5, 6
Supplemental Readings and Articles
Check Meditation Journals 
Check Chapter Readings, Tool Kits 
Connecting: Illustrated Teaching Stories 
Affirmations/Surprise Stories, Playback Theatre
Teams work on format and activities for Presentations

Memories, Mentors & Models: Treasure Maps 
Teams finalize work on presentations. 

FOUR July 26 and July 28 Chapters  7, 8, 9, 10
Log in to BlackBoard Site:Take a tour of the BB site. Post contact information to Team Forum Check External Links Resources

Present & Peer Evaluations: Sky and Sea Teams
Present & Peer Evaluations: Oasis and Island Teams
FIVE  August 2 (holiday)  August 4
Choose Ram Dass or Allen  Gardens as external (holiday) assignment
Chapters 11, 12
Supplemental Readings and Articles
Check Meditation Journals
HOLIDAY:  Optional Assignment
Present & Peer Evaluations: Mountain and Meadow Teams 
SIX  August 9 and August 11 Return Journals 
Reflective Papers due 
Final Celebration
Partners Report on Readings due. 
Share Haikus and Collages    Tool Kits  Display 

Course WrapUp and Feedback 
All Team Packages with Evaluations due

Please Note Papers returned if submitted with  stamped, self-addressed envelope