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U of T and OISE students are allowed access to literally thousands of online journals. Many of these are full text journals, meaning that you can read and download complete articles. This is useful for all students, but especially students who do not have ready access to a university library.

The Library changed the way it handles access to its online restricted resources on May 20 2003. If you have been using a proxy server account, you will need to change to the new system. You can read about the service, my.access, at:


Web sites useful for OISE/UT students generally:

Writing at the University of Toronto   A writing help site: If you are just coming back to school after being away from formal studies for a period of time; if you are getting close to having to do an MRP for your Masters degree; if you are going to be doing a QRP for entrance to a doctoral program, or; if you are a doctoral student preparing to undertake your thesis: then this site can be very useful for you.

This is what the page says it is for and what it does:

WebKF help: This site relates specifically to WebKF and provides information and material you can download, including a user's manual.

WebKF Course Conferencing Support

Here is some of the information from this page:

Besides the information, that last link is one to note in case you find problems at any time during the course.

OISE/UT Education Commons
 Information about OISE/UT's computer labs and workshops available.

OISENet First Class e-mail (link to web-version of e-mail is upper left corner where it says "OISENet Portal, members only" - you'll need to type in your user id and password when requested) This access is not recommended for access to OISE Chat or to Holistech2007 Conferences.

Dr. Selia Karsten's Teaching Portfolio
Information and resources from your instructor

Some sites that may be helpful, sites created for other courses that I teach.

Searching Sites - a variety of search engines and other helpful sites
EdSites- sites created for use by educators at all levels
EdJournals - links to a variety of online journals and conferences
The Busy Educators' Guide - links collection for teachers
Web-Based Learning Resources - a dozen lists of links to aid the construction of web sites
NODE - Network  for Ontario Distance Educators
Holistic Education Links - Breaking New Ground Links of Interest

Please let me know if you find inactive links so they can be updated.

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