Maintaining Contact

I offer the following in case you need to contact me at any time before, or during, the course. Unless you are writing about something that applies only to you personally, you are encouraged to post questions in the appropriate VIEW in WebKF then all participants can benefit!

1. Email is the best form of contact as I usually access my email several times a day from wherever I am. If that will not be possible, I will post a note in the course site providing dates during which I will be out of contact. Email address:

2. My home office: When not on campus at OISE/UT 11-288, I tend to work out of my home office where I have my computers and files. My phone number there is 416 533-6766 and I do not mind taking calls in the evening (until 10:00 pm Eastern time) or on weekends since I realize that you work too and might not be able to make the call during the day. There is voice mail on that phone number also. If you get the voice mail, you will hear me say "your turn".  Please leave all of the information I will need. Time of call. Date. Reason for the call. My response to you will be by e-mail unless this is an emergency.

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