Foundations of Curriculum
WEEK Assigned Activities Discussion Views
ONE September 8-13 Begin course in WebKF Introductions/Guidelines/Group Rules 
TWO September 14-20 Groups 1,2,3 Orientations/Approaches 
THREE September 21-27 Approaches Discussion Continues
FOUR Sept 28 - October 4 Adult, Elementary, Secondary Content Discussion
FIVE October 5-11 Groups 1,2,3 Constructivism Discussion
SIX October 12-18 (Thanksgiving) Constructivism Discussion Continues
SEVEN October 19-25 Adult, Elementary, Secondary Hidden Discussion
EIGHT October 26 - November 1 Book Presentations begin Hidden Discussion Continues
NINE November 2-8 Groups 1,2,3 Development Discussion
TEN November 9-15 Development Continues
ELEVEN November 16-22 Groups 1,2,3 Deliberation Discussion
TWELVE November 23-28 Final Papers due  Final Wrap Up  & Feedback
Course Evaluation
Schedule as of October 6, 2008

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